Thursday, August 14, 2008


This blog is a showcase for what knitters/crocheters have created on the Korsnäs technique course. It's an online course by Ekebo Design/Marianne Kuokkanen . If you're interested, join us!

The technique was developed in the 1800's in the small municipality of Korsnäs in Finnish Ostrobothnia. Variations in color and patterns emerged in the different villages. (The work is done using fingering weight (British 4-ply) wool yarn. It's going to be a heirloom, so use good quality yarn.) White wool was not available, so people who wanted white turned to cotton yarn instead.
It's very uncommon to combine knitting and crochet in the same item. Besides, the crochet technique is an eastern variety where horizontal ridges are created on the front side.

The course starts in the latter part of August 2008, but you can join in later if you like. Just post a comment.

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